Audi unite makes it easy for you and your friends to have an Audi together. Audi unite is a collaborative car initiative that refashions mobility as a personalized micro-sharing experience.

In addition to a premium vehicle, Audi unite includes a fuel card for every circle member, full comprehensive insurance, an advanced in-car-system for driver and vehicle identification allowing for automated billing, the Audi unite app and beacons for each member, monthly invoicing, personalized customer support, winter tires, seasonal tire change, one monthly cleaning at Statoil and 24/7 roadside assistance.

The Audi unite fleet offers access to Audi’s product range from the A1 to the A8, as well as the Q, RS, and the R8 models. The A3 Sportback e-tron or gtron, the latest in automotive technology, is also on the Audi unite lineup. Audi unite allows you to choose the car that best suits you and your circle.

Contact and meet with an Audi unite agent at Audi Forum Stockholm to inquire about Audi unite and sign a contract with up to four other people.

Audi unite’s matching service can help match you with other drivers to build your circle. Contact an Audi unite agent at Audi Forum who can help you find compatible drivers for your Audi unite circle.

All Audi unite vehicles are covered by fully comprehensive insurance. Deductibles depend on the car model as well as type of damage. For detailed information please ask your Audi unite agent.

In case of damage, the Audi unite app has a reporting feature wherein members photograph and report damage directly to the Audi unite system. In the event of an accident, emergency numbers can be found within the app. Your Audi unite agent is always at your disposal and the Audi Mobility Guarantee hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To run the unite app, you will need a data- or wifi-enabled iPhone. The Audi unite app runs natively in iOS 7 and above as well as on an iPhone 4S model and above.

Not yet. For now the Audi unite app only runs natively on an iPhone 4S model and above, operating iOS7 and above. However, you do not need to use the Audi unite app to be a member of Audi unite. As long as you carry your Audi unite beacon with you when you drive, costs will be split appropriately. However, reserving the car will not be possible.

The Audi unite map helps you to find your Audi unite car in the home zone.

For privacy and data security reasons, Audi unite does not save your drives or the previous position of your car, it only shows the current position of your car in real-time. You can see the location of your Audi unite car when it is parked in the home zone. While the car is in use you can only see it if the member who is driving allows you to. In the app’s privacy settings you can allow or disallow other circle members to see the car’s driving position.

However, your Audi unite agent will be able to see the location of the parked car in the home zone to coordinate pickup and delivery services.

In addition to the Audi advanced key, each member of your circle will also receive an Audi unite beacon. The Audi unite beacon is part of an in-car system that recognizes you and your co-drivers and enables for accurate scheduling, notifications and billing. The Audi unite app also helps coordinate the use of your car with a built-in calendar, notification system and car stats visualization.

Reservations can be made by the hour with the Audi unite app calendar. A reservation can be cancelled any time before the beginning of the actual reservation, and shortened once the reservation started.

You can reserve your car up to 3 months in advance. The Audi unite app calendar prevents the incidence of overbooking, while the notification system alerts circle members driving two hours before another member’s reservation or when starting to drive within another members reservation.

The Audi unite beacon is a low energy Bluetooth transmitter given to each member of your circle during the car handover. The Audi unite beacon is the personal identification device for each member and designed to be attached to your keyring.

Always bring your Audi unite beacon when you are in your car, even if you are not the driving. The Audi unite beacon ensures accurate invoicing, since each member’s individual broadcast signal is unique.

Audi unite drivers have the option of a monthly service that includes:

• a professional monthly interior and exterior cleaning
• pick-up and delivery for the monthly cleaning, seasonal tire change and all necessary service occasions

No. All Audi unite vehicles are non-smoking cars.

Your mobile phone is not required to operate your Audi unite vehicle; however, you will not be able to make/cancel reservations, see your calendar or receive notifications for example if you are driving over a reservation. Additionally, all Audi unite service hotlines and circle member phone numbers are accessible in the app.

The Audi unite beacon ensures accurate invoicing, since each member’s individual broadcast signal is unique. If you drive without your beacon, a notification will be sent to all the drivers in your circle. In this case, the costs for the trip and related parkings will be split equally by all circle members.

Your Audi unite agent is your go-to point for all questions and issues regarding your contract and services. In the case of damage or loss, your agent will provide you with a new beacon. Intentional damage or loss may result in a replacement fee.

In general the circle is responsible to keep its car clean.

The Audi unite service includes one free exterior cleaning at Statoil per month, which should be paid using your Audi unite Statoil card. You can choose either the Bronze, Silver or Gold Wash at Statoil. Additional cleanings and car fluid replacement (i.e. motor oil, windshield washing fluid) can also be paid for using your Audi unite Statoil card. These costs are split according to mileage driven by each circle member and added to your monthly bill.

With the additional comfort package, the Audi unite agent will schedule a professional interior and exterior cleaning each month as well as organize a pick-up and delivery before and after the cleaning.

Seasonal tires are included in the Audi unite service. Your Audi unite contract includes seasonal tire changes and one set of winter tires. You and your circle members organize tire changes and coordinate with an official workshop. If you select the Audi unite comfort package, your Audi will be picked up twice a year, fitted with seasonal tires, and brought back to your home zone.

Don't worry, every Audi unite car is covered by our insurance!

Please follow the following steps in order:
1. Please notify our insurance partner immediately about the damage (see Service Hotline in the contact sheet).
2. Please note any damage(s) in the damage overview on the inner side of the Service booklet.
3. Please also use the Damage Report function in the Audi unite App to photograph and document the damage(s).
4. If you discover any damage on the vehicle which was not already noted in the damage overview, please add it in there.

Your damage(s) will be handled in accordance with the current deductable. For further information please contact your Audi unite agent.

Please keep calm, hopefully you are alright.

Course of Action
Please adhere to the following steps in order:
1. Turn on your hazard lights.
2. Put on your emergency warning vest, if available.
3. Place your warning triangle at a sufficient distance to be clearly visible by others.
4. If any person is hurt please call the emergency hotline 112 first, for the ambulance and the police.
5. Perform First Aid.
6. Ask people around you as necessary for support.
7. Afterwards please report the accident immediately to our insurance partner (contact details on the contact page of this booklet).
8. Please also use the Damage Report function in the Audi unite App to photograph and document the damage(s).

For further information or support please contact your Audi unite agent.

The Audi unite car can be driven in any of the 47 countries in the Green Card System. A list of these countries can be found in your Audi unite Service Booklet. It includes most, but not all European countries and some neighbors.

You as a Circle member are allowed to let a person within your household use the Vehicle. When you are owning a company, any employee within that company may use the car. Other persons may only use the car, provided that the person is eligible to drive a vehicle and you are in the car during the trip. You are fully responsible for the Vehicle when allowing another person to use it. When a trip is completed, you shall ensure that the car is returned to the home zone and is in the same condition as when the car was collected apart from normal external dirt.

In case of problems with your Audi unite App, please call your Audi unite agent at: +46 (0) 8 6114590.

Your personal Audi unite agent will send you a confirmation mail for the handover date and give you all the details you need. In general we just need your driver ID to hand over the car.

You can choose between 12 or 24 months.

Audi unite allows for easy, simple budgeting with no surprise bills. Audi unite offers two billing models: Audi unite flex, wherein cost is divided according to the individual usage; and Audi unite fixed, wherein circle members divide costs evenly. For further explanations please take a look at the diagrams on this website or call your Audi unite agent.

Audi unite members refuel their car with the supplied Statoil card. At the end of each month, all fuel costs are divided proportional to each member’s driving distance.

If you are responsible for a ticket, please pay it immediately by yourself. You should report the ticket to the other members and the Audi unite agent in addition (possible via the Audi unite app). If the car gets a ticket and it`s not clear who is responsible, please report that ticket with an image to all circle members and the Audi unite agent. You can take a picture of the ticket via the app and send it to the agent.

Additional costs from traffic and parking violations are only added to the invoice of the circle member(s) involved in the incident. If the responsibility is not clarified, the amount needs to be split by all circle members.

The Audi unite contract duration is 12 or 24 months. Changes to an Audi unite circle or the termination of a contract are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The primary step would be to contact your Audi unite agent.

The prices you see on this website are based on a 20.000 milage cap per year for your Audi unite car. Please ask your Audi unite agent for prices for 30.000km if that fits better to your driving behavior.

It is calculated per car. Each Circle member has the same entitlement of kilometers. Extra Mileage will be splitted via usage. For each extra kilometer the responsible circle member has to pay an extra amount which is mentioned in your contract.