In addition to your brand new premium car, Audi unite includes:

You additional choose:

Fair cost splitting.

The total cost of your car usage comes in one monthly invoice. Your invoice includes insurance, maintenance, cleaning and tyre changes as well as your portion of fuel, car liquids, cleaning costs and congestion tax.

The Audi unite flex plan automatically calculates each portion of the monthly bill for you and your co-drivers. Your individual share of the Audi unite flex rate is calculated proportionately to the time you use your Audi.

The consumed fuel, car liquids, additional cleaning and congestion taxes are shared based on the individual mileage driven by each circle member.

Audi unite fixed plan

The Audi unite fixed plan is set each month. You and your co-drivers split the monthly bill evenly. 100% reliable.

Audi unite app & beacon. Mobility of the future.

Audi unite gives you the tools to make sharing your car effortless.

The Audi unite app integrates driving into your digital life. See your Audi’s precise location on a satellite map, check fuel levels and car stats, and sync your calendar with your co-drivers. Communicate with your personal Audi agent with a simple, organized contact page.

Your Audi unite beacon is an advanced piece of micro-hardware that serves as your personal identification device and record of your car’s usage. Your beacon is part of an in-car system that recognises you and your co-drivers using the latest in low-energy bluetooth technology, all designed to be attached to your keyring.

Home zone.

With Audi unite, you and your circle decide the size and exact location of your home zone in advance. Thereby the home zone indicates where the car needs to be parked after coming back from a trip. The driving and parking time out of your home zone will be factored into your share of the monthly bill. By customizing your home zone you can adapt your city to your driving needs - your home zone can be as small as your block or as large as a metropolis.

Comfort Package.

The Comfort Package is an additional premium service for high convinience requirements. Audi unite drivers have the option of a monthly service that includes:

  • A professional monthly interior and exterior cleaning
  • Pick-up and delivery for the monthly cleaning, seasonal tire change and all necessary service occasions

Drive protected.

All Audi unite vehicles are fully insured. In the case of damage, the Audi unite app has a reporting feature wherein members photograph and report damage directly to the Audi unite system. In the case of an accident, emergency numbers can be found with the app. Your Audi unite agent is always at your disposal and the emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everything is organized, you just enjoy your Audi unite car.