Code of Practice Concerning the Collection, Processing, Transmission and Use of Data

To ensure that services and support activities are all handled properly and quickly, ABI and the ABI partners (“Volkswagen Group Sverige AB” (Audi Sweden), “Volkswagen Finans Sverige” (VW FS) and “Volkswagen Service Sverige AB”  (VSS)) make use of electronic data processing (EDP).


The German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) essentially governs how your personal data that are disclosed to the ABI partners and ABI are processed.


Accordingly, data may be collected, processed, transmitted and used (hereinafter referred to as the "use of data") if this is permitted by the BDSG or another statutory provision or if the person in question has given his or her consent. The BDSG permits the use of data in particular where this is necessary to fulfil a contract concluded with you. For certain purposes, which go above and beyond the actual contractual and support relationship, your specific contract or the reply forms used in advertising campaigns run by ABI partners and ABI include a declaration of consent under data protection law.


If this declaration of consent is not signed when the contract in question is concluded, or if it is revoked at a later point in time, the ABI partners and ABI shall only use your data to the extent permissible by law.



You will find further details on the collection, storage, transmission and use of your customer data below:


1. Data collection and storage by ABI partners
The ABI partner will store any data required for your services and support activities for customers or prospective customers. Such data will initially include information required for service contracts. Moreover, data relating to the processing of transactions, such as the customer number and service price, shall be recorded, and records of vehicle-specific data and services provided as part the service shall be collected and processed.



To provide your service you have given your consent to, data will also be collected and stored by the ABI partner. Data will be collected and stored which is required to perform the service as described in the points 4.3 to 4.5.



2. Data storage at ABI
ABI will store store data which it receives from the website as part of first information about our service to facilitate the first contact between the agent of the ABI partner and the customer.


Furthermore, data from ABI customers and prospective customers who contact ABI via ABIs website or the central Audi customer support centre will also be stored. Data storage will equally include data collected in the course of ABI marketing activities.


3. Use of data by the ABI partner
Any data collected and stored in relation to your person may be used by the ABI partner in question, for which use the ABI partner is directly responsible, in order to provide services and to process the contract, offer customer support, conduct customer surveys and tailor customer information to your individual needs (please refer to points 4.1 and 4.5 of this Code of Practice).


4. Use of data by ABI


4.1 Provision of services
ABI partners will use the customer data sent by ABI so that they can provide the ordered services properly and quickly.


4.2 Contract processing
Once services have been provided in accordance with point 4.1 of this Code of Practice and/or so as to comply with statutory and contractual obligations in accordance with point 2 of this Code of Practice, ABI partners will use the customer data transmitted by ABI or collected by ABI partners itself. ABI partners may, furthermore, invite you to take part in market research activities.


4.3 Customer care
Providing you have given your consent thereto, customer data will also be used by ABIs partners to ensure that you receive comprehensive customer support services. This will not cost you anything and will include in particular the following services:


If your car breaks down or you are involved in an accident, Audi's emergency service is there for you around the clock. In emergencies, the use of your existing data may save precious time and so offer you fast and unbureaucratic assistance.


If your service is not available, ABIs partners – and ABI itself – will use your data to investigate root causes and fix the issues. Only with your data it is possible to identify and fix your specific issue.


4.4 Customer surveys
Market research results form an important source of information for the ongoing improvement and refinement of products and services. Providing you have given your consent thereto, your customer data transmitted by the ABI can thus be used by ABIs partners so as to conduct customer surveys.


4.5 Customer information tailored to your individual needs
Providing you have given your consent thereto, data relating to customer information tailored to your individual needs – if applicable together with other personal data given by you to the ABI partners and/or ABI – will be pooled and stored in a database, where your data will automatically be evaluated in order to compare the resulting personal customer profile with individual product and service offerings. You can then receive appropriately customized information (e.g. offers on new products and services).


5. No forwarding of data beyond the scope defined above
Your personal data will not be transmitted unless covered by any of the instances mentioned above.


6. Revocation of the declaration of consent under data protection law
You may revoke your declaration of consent under data protection law at any time, in whole or in part (cf. No. 1, Section 2, No. 3, No. 4, and Nos. 4.3 – 4.5).


7. Right to demand information
The German Data Protection Act stipulates that you have the right to demand information regarding your personal data stored in the customer databases of the ABI partners and ABI;
If you have any queries about this information, or if you require further explanations or wish to obtain information about the data stored by the ABI partners or by ABI, or if you wish such data to be corrected, cancelled or deleted, please contact for services in Sweden: Volkswagen Service Sverige AB, Svenska Volkswagen AB, 151 88 Södertälje, Sweden.


(Date: September 2014)


If you have further queries about this information, or if you require further explanations or wish to obtain further information about the data stored by the ABI partners or by ABI, or if you wish such data to be corrected, cancelled or deleted, please contact:


Audi Business Innovation GmbH
attn.: Ania Winter
Data Protection Officer
Hochbrueckenstrasse 6
D-80331 Muenchen

General information

If you visit the web pages of ABI, information of a general nature will automatically be collected. This information includes, for example, such things as the type of web browser, the operating system used and the domain name of your internet service providers. Exclusively such information is collected which does not allow any conclusions as to your identity. Besides, such data are also generated when visiting any other web page on the internet. This is thus not a function specific of the ABI internet pages. This kind of information is collected exclusively anonymously and used by us for statistical evaluation.

The use of cookies

Cookies are text files containing information which makes it possible to identify repeated visitors exclusively for the duration of their visit to our web pages. Cookies are stored on the hard disk of your computer and do not cause any damage there. The cookies of our internet pages do not contain any personal data about you.


Cookies can save you having to enter data more than once, facilitate the transmission of specific contents and help us to identify those parts of our online service that are particularly popular. This enables us, among other things, to adapt our web pages exactly to your requirements.


If you want, you can deactivate the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings in your browser. Please use the help functions of your internet browser to find out how to change these settings.


ABI employs technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data you have given to us from any fortuitous or willful manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are improved and adapted on a regular basis according to the state of the art.

Public notification procedure (§4g and §4e of the BDSG - Federal Data)

The data protection officer hereby makes the information required by law available to everybody.

Name of the responsible corporate body: Audi Business Innovation GmbH

Managing Director: Bettina Bernhardt

Data Processing Manager in charge: Maren Springmann

Address of the responsible corporate body:

Audi Business Innovation GmbH
Hochbrückenstr. 6
D-80331 München

Audi Business Innovation GmbH
Data Protection Officer

Date: September 2014